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Heat pumps

A favorite in warmer climates, Heat Pumps will work all year round to keep you comfortable!  They operate like an air conditioner in the summer, and in the winter months, they generate heat.  A heat pump can be paired with a gas furnace to create a dual fuel system, which provides you with the highest level of comfort!

Dual Fuel CompatibleFor even greater efficiency, this heat pump can be paired with a furnace. Called a Dual Fuel System, this combination minimizes heating costs by seamlessly alternating between the two energy sources, depending on outdoor conditions.

PMP inspections available

We offer detailed PMP Inspections to see if your existing equipment has any problems. If we find any, we'll recommend repair options and warranty all parts and labor for one year.


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When it comes to the installation of heat pumps, the team at Kane Heating & Ventilating takes the job seriously. Our quality workmanship and installation techniques make us the best in the business. Call us today for all of your oil furnace, gas furnace or air conditioning needs.

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